About VZuniga Designs
   Vicky Winkler, jewelry and clothing designer attended the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago. In the summer of 2005 she founded her own company VZuniga Designs. Her distinct women’s wear designs provides both style and comfort while maintaining a thoroughly modern edge. 
    Vicky has designed jewelry that compliment her own clothing line as well as creating stunning and unique individual pieces. She draws inspiration from Mother Earth’s most precious gifts to mankind, the luminous gentle waves of the ocean, the lavish array of colors that appear in the springtime countered by the cold, crisp snow of winter. Nature also provides the materials used in her jewelry designs, Vicky carefully selects the finest gemstones, crystals, semi-precious stones and sterling silver for unparalleled aesthetics. 
    Her designs have been featured at fashion venues all over the Chicagoland area including the Merchandise Mart, the DuSable Museum of African American History and fashion charity event for the American Cancer Society held at the Drake Hotel. Vicky’s designs has even graced the magazine covers of music CD, Coiffure Italian Fashion and Brides Noir. She can be reached at vzunigadesigns@comcast.net.

Vicky Zuniga-Winkler, owner of VZuniga Designs